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Executive Leadership Coaching helps senior leaders maximise their professional performance.

My coaching supervision supports coaches to practice at their best, for their clients.

How Can A Coach Help?

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While I always respect the confidentiality of my clients, a few have granted me permission to share their thoughts.


There are many types of coach, each with a different focus. As an executive leadership coach I work with senior leaders on their professional development.

As a coaching supervisor, I support coaches with their continuing development. This includes reflecting on their practice and looking at different models and techniques that enable them to give the best service to their clients.

Am I right for you?

Finding the right coach / coaching supervisor is crucial to your success. You must trust and relate to the person you intend to work with and they must always work in your best interest.

I hold a free chemistry meeting with all potential clients, to check that we click and that I am the right coach / coaching supervisor for you. One of my ethics is I only work with clients I feel I can add value to.


I am a qualified business and executive leadership coach and coaching supervisor.

I work to the European Mentoring and Coaching Council code of ethics.

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