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I help businesses and senior executives achieve more. Identify what you really want and get there faster.

Find out how business and executive leadership coaching can grow your business and put momentum behind your career.


An effective coach challenges their clients to think differently and supports them as they learn and grow.

Find out how coaching can better equip individuals and organisations to achieve their goals.


The best way to appreciate the value of coaching is to see how it works in practice.


Steve and Anita are husband and wife, and joint owners and directors of a successful local recruitment agency. They wanted to grow the business by recruiting new staff, whilst maintaining…


Nicky was offered a strategic role in a national staff organisation. Although this would be in addition to her role as a senior manager in a public sector organisation, she needed…


There are many types of coach out there, and they approach their work in many different ways. I focus on business and executive leadership coaching, which is where I can add most value. I use a variety of coaching models, based primarily on how you or your organisation learn best. This can range from visual work through to building models for your organisation. I work with both individuals and on behalf of companies.

Am I right for you?

Finding the right coach is crucial to success. You must trust and like the person you intend to work with. And, of course, their experience, qualifications, approach and values are hugely important, too.

I hold a free chemistry meeting for all potential new clients to check that we click. You can also find out more about me and review Questions to Ask a Coach before we connect.


In an industry that lacks regulation, I’m proud to offer a wealth of relevant experience, professional accreditation and rock-solid ethics.


While I always respect the confidentiality of my clients, a few have granted me permission to share their thoughts.

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