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Are you ‘too busy’?

Are you ‘too busy’?

It is now recognised that many of us are addicted to being ‘too busy’. We are continually connected to our emails, social media and text messages; meaning that we are contactable twenty four hours a day.

Unfortunately, I regularly hear from clients that they know what they should be working on in their business, but are ‘too busy’.

  • Too busy to develop a strategy to grow their business….
  • Too busy to deal with their poor performing employee….
  • Too busy to resolve the conflict at work between two of their staff….
  • Too busy to chase up some of their overdue payments….

In fact, they’re so busy fire-fighting the latest problem, they don’t see their business going down the tubes.

Being ‘too busy’ can also result in poor leadership decisions being made (or not, if you’re too busy to make a decision!) Good leaders recognise this, together with the stress it can cause.

Read this article from Fortune and you’ll notice that the techniques numbered 2 – 8 all involve ‘stopping’. Whether it’s going for a walk, going to the gym or just getting away from your desk – stop! Take time to think and you’ll see things in your business that you haven’t noticed and you’ll make better decisions. Some more great tips on how to deal with stress at work have also been written by Helen Sanders from Health Ambition and how to have a stress free day by Groom and Style

Being addicted to being ‘too busy’ can be cured – once you acknowledge that you have a problem.

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