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You may be busy – busy doing things twice….

You may be busy – busy doing things twice….

“Why can’t people read an email?”

“What’s the matter with people? I ask three questions and only get a response to one!”

“I am fed up with answering the same question and still not getting a proper answer.”

These comments are probably familiar to you. They are becoming an increasing frustration in our busy lives.

STOP – you could be the frustration to other people. In a busy world, we are more prone to scan the increasing number of emails we receive, instead of reading them properly. After all, who has time to read all the stuff we’re sent.

Yet, scanning an email and answering the question you think they asked, or only answering part of an email doesn’t save time – it doubles your workload and increases your stress.


Because you get an email, scan it and reply.

You probably haven’t answered it properly.

The recipient gets frustrated or angry – and sends you another email.

You open it and get frustrated or angry – after all, you’ve replied to it once already…. haven’t you?

And so the cycle goes on. You’ve now read two emails and replied to two emails.

If you pause and read properly, instead of scanning, you will significantly reduce the number of emails you receive and have to reply to.

Just a thought….

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