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Blue Lion is sponsoring Otter

Blue Lion is sponsoring Otter

It is nearly four years since I moved back to Eastbourne, East Sussex. For me, this is returning close to where I was brought up for the first seventeen years of my life. One attraction that has been around for all those years is Drusillas Park. It is a place where I was taken as a child, where I took my three sons and now where we are taking our Grandchildren.

During that time, it has grown both in size and maturity, with a much larger ¬†selection of animal breeds in the zoo area as you can see. These animals are costly to keep so, as a supporter of local businesses, it seems right to support their endeavours. I’ve done this by proudly ‘sponsoring’ one of their animals – an Asian short-clawed otter.

I hope this is a way of ‘giving forward’, so that this can be a place where our Grandchildren will be be able to take their children.

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