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The client’s goals

Nicky was offered a strategic role in a national staff organisation. Although this would be in addition to her role as a senior manager in a public sector organisation, she needed to ensure her skills were up to the job, and that she could successfully manage her family life should she accept the offer.

My approach

The jump from senior management into strategy is one of the largest a leader can take and our first step was to identify Nicky’s professional aspirations – I’ve worked with many senior leaders who’ve got on the promotion escalator only to realise it’s taken them to a level they don’t want to be.

Having worked through her personal goals, balancing her aspirations with her family commitments, we started to look at how – and whether – the new role would match up. The process reaffirmed the strategic opportunity was the right move for my client.

A strengths-based approach then identified what gaps existed in her skills and experience, matched against the new role; leading to discussions around how those gaps could be filled. One of these was moving away from ‘asking permission’ to instigate initiatives to becoming the person instigating initiatives and another related to presenting proposals to a strategic board. The underlying requirement for both of these is internal confidence.

The result

Nicky developed the confidence to move from ‘new kid on the block’ to a respected member of the strategic team, whilst still maintaining the balancing act of looking after her children.

Once she was in the role, as is often the case, she found challenges and her own goals changed slightly. One challenge was her finding that she was in a world of personal agendas; occasionally impacting ethical leadership. We dealt with this through a mix of examining her own ethical position, unconscious bias and transactional analysis.

We also adjusted the remit of our initial contract and agreed to continue to work together on whether now was the right time to seek a promotion to a strategic role, or whether this would adversely impact on her work/life balance; which is important to her.


While I always respect the confidentiality of my clients, a few have granted me permission to share their thoughts.

“Alan's an excellent coach - straight to the point whilst allowing time to reflect and explore possibilities. He helped me unblock a number of issues and swiftly got things motoring again!. Thanks Alan!.”
“Thank you so much for all of your help, support and encouragement. I’ve really enjoyed our chats and discussions and they’ve helped shape my thinking, which will undoubtedly help with my future career. I’ll keep you updated with progress!”
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