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Coaching Supervision

From the moment I started my executive leadership coach training I have been supported on my coaching journey by a trusted person walking with me. That person has been my Coaching Supervisor – and I now have the privilege of working with others, as their coaching supervisor.

Within both my coaching and my coaching supervision, my overarching philosophy is that my clients are resourceful people and my supervisees are working for the benefit of their clients. They will bring a variety of matters to supervision and I prefer to work with ‘whatever comes through the door’.

This can be areas where you are stuck with a client; where you have become ‘consciously incompetent’ in a particular area and want some further development; an ethical dilemma, or you may just need to recharge your own emotional batteries.

I have used my supervision for all of these – and more – and will continue to do so….

What can you expect from me, as your Supervisor?

All of my work with you will be in accordance with the European Coaching and Mentoring (EMCC) codes of practice.

I believe in creating a safe, reflective space, where confidential and powerful conversations can take place, both in individual or group supervision. Supervision provides the environment, time and space for you to reflect on your practice, develop your knowledge and look after your own wellbeing.

When ‘walking beside you’, I will sometimes literally take you on a walk, if appropriate. For some, this provides space to be comfortable in silent reflection between intuitive questions.

My values of integrity and ethical practice determine my interventions and I may challenge your thinking. I encourage you to challenge mine too and, through that process, we co-create true learning and change.

Being totally present with my clients is important to me and, although I will work via video, I prefer working face to face. I do not like telephone coaching or supervision, as I believe that you communicate as much through your body language as you do with your words – and that your body language can indicate as much about what’s not being said as what is.

My work is client centred and I use theoretical models appropriate to your needs. These include Learning Styles, Transactional Analysis, NLP and psychometrics. All of these elements I describe as jig-saw pieces enabling you to identify your own unique ‘map of the world’ – and recognise that no one has the same ‘map’ as you. Client feedback tells me that this can be a powerful realisation that assists development and helps remove blockages with a client.


While I always respect the confidentiality of my clients, a few have granted me permission to share their thoughts.

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