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Frequently Asked Questions

Should a coach have a background in my industry?

I recommend clients choose a coach with experience and qualifications in their area of coaching expertise; not necessarily industry experience. In fact, I find it better to know nothing about your organisation, as it allows me to ask all the naive – and challenging – questions. A lack of assumptions only strengthens the process.  

What’s the difference between a coach, a mentor and a consultant?

A consultant tells you what you’re doing wrong, how you should change, and sometimes makes the change for you. A mentor is a successful person in a role you aspire to. Their job is to show you how to get to where they are. A coach guides behavioural change – they listen and they teach. 


Do I need an external coach if we already have one internally?

Successful coaching relies on trust and objectivity. Consider whether an honest and open conversation can happen between an employee and a representative of their company. 

What happens at a chemistry meeting?

This is an opportunity to find out if we click. We’ll discuss what you’re looking for from the coaching relationship, clarify your issues and desired outcomes, confirm confidentiality, and agree on any no-go topics. 

Do you have a particular model of coaching you use?

No, I use a variety of methods, which I tailor to your issue. From my background in how people learn, I believe everyone is different and need different techniques to help them learn effectively.


While I always respect the confidentiality of my clients, a few have granted me permission to share their thoughts.

“Alan's an excellent coach - straight to the point whilst allowing time to reflect and explore possibilities. He helped me unblock a number of issues and swiftly got things motoring again!. Thanks Alan!.”
"Alan has been working with my company for the last 12 months and has assisted us in making some pretty bold progressive changes and helped us to identify and see the end goal. I would have no hesitation to recommend him to a business considering growing, as I know that he will be able to add value and become cost neutral."
"Alan's style of coaching is very practical and inspiring to say the least and I would recommend Alan to anyone seeking professional coaching to reach their next level of achievement personally and professionally."
"The coaching sessions with Alan are relaxed and insightful, but above all relevant and extremely useful. Alan invests time to understand every issue and pushes you to think laterally about the solutions. The result is that I have grown in confidence and understand not only my own behaviour but those around me."
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