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I help businesses and senior executives achieve more. Identify what you really want and get there faster.


My clients describe my approach as challenging yet supportive. I ask questions that encourage you to look at situations in a different way. Then you can reflect on the actions you’d like to take in order  to achieve any changes you choose to make. 

Before we start

Commitment. To get the most out of our sessions, you must be committed to the process and motivated to change.

Chemistry. There’s only one way to find out if we work well together, and that’s for us to meet. During a chemistry meeting, we’ll discuss what you want out of coaching and check that we click. While a clash is uncommon, I don’t take offence if you decide I’m not for you.

During our sessions

The set-up. A coaching session is essentially a powerful adult to adult conversation that drives breakthroughs, small and large, in your thoughts and actions. The number of sessions depends on the client, although nine is pretty common. Everything discussed is completely confidential, with two caviats – if you tell me something that is unlawful or if you leave me with the impression you are not in a safe place. In either of these cases I will tell you if I need to take something ‘out of the room’.

My role. Although you’ll lead the conversation, you can expect confronting questions from me. I won’t provide solutions, but I will share my knowledge and judgment to provide options and help you decide what to do next.

Your role. The actions you agree to take are yours alone. You must implement them decisively to make the progress you want.

After our sessions

New issues can arise as your business develops or you progress through your career. In which case, I’m always available to talk more.


While I always respect the confidentiality of my clients, a few have granted me permission to share their thoughts.

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